...Jazz guru, Charlie Banacos.
— Downbeat Magazine
Charlie Banacos...happens to be one of the finest jazz and harmony / theory teachers in the United States...nobody ever instilled in me the wisdom of music like Charlie did. Charlie is a pianist, but his list of clients also extended to guitar, horn, composers, and bass players - some of whom waited as long as two whole years to come under Charlie’s tutelage. Yeah, he’s that great.
— Jeff Berlin (poll-winning bassist)
...take a correspondence lesson from someone like Charlie Banacos, who may be the finest music educator in the United States. There is more music sustenance in a single Banacos lesson then there is in 20 videos played back-to-back...
— Bass Player Magazine 1994
The turning point came when I saw the name of [renowned Boston jazz teacher] Charlie Banacos on a Jeff Berlin video. I sent him my records and explained my situation, and he wrote back saying he could help. The discipline of his lessons and the wealth of his knowledge gave me a whole new outlook. It brought the pure love and challenge of wanting to be a real player back into perspective for me.
— Joe Hubbard (professional musician)
I was studying in Boston with Charlie Banacos, who I’m still studying with through correspondence. He’s into all kinds of music...really smokin’, and an amazing teacher. He’s like an encyclopedia. He’s got all kinds of methods of teaching different things. He’s sussed out what people are doing and what’s the best way of teaching.
— Mike Stern (poll-winning guitarist)
...el profesor de piano-jazz mas prestigioso de los EEUU (United States of America), Charlie Banacos.
— Newspaper Santiago, Spain 5-29-1994