Charlie Banacos Online Jazz Correspondence Lessons

Photo courtesy Allen Lowe

Photo courtesy Allen Lowe

The correspondence courses of Charlie Banacos continue to be taught via online lessons with Garry Dial and Barbara Banacos. These courses began their fruition in the late 1950's and 60's and continued to be taught and developed until Charlie's passing in December of 2009. They are preserved as Charlie was teaching them and are kept in his handwriting. 

Charlie is the originator of the now classic exercises on such tunes as Autumn Leaves, Giant Steps, Anthropology (I Got Rhythm changes), Moment's Notice, Countdown, major and minor blues, etc. using chord tones, tensions, passing tones, approaches, tonal paralypsis, bitonal pendulums (double mambos), hemiola substratum elisions, modal sequences, 23rd chords, intervallics, pivots, facets, agogics, number permutation systems, voicings in clusters, fourths, fifths, reverse tensions, interconnecting scales, pentatonics, tetratonics, hexatonics, chord-on-chord, upper structure triads, pandiatonics, superimpositions, harps, overlaps, etc. and 9-Basic Rhythm Systems and Sprays for sight-reading, etc. 

The courses are comprised of Charlie's original exercises for improvising musicians and composers. His many famed and ground-breaking courses are still available, such as 'Double Mambos', '23rd chords', 'Intervallics', 'Giant Steps', 'Chord on Chord', his original ear-training exercises as well as many others.

These lessons will help jazz, classical, or rock musicians who are interested in developing improvisational skills on all instruments. If you are a former student from 1959 to the present, or instrumentalist or singer from any country requesting information for the first time, please use the contact information on this site.


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